East Bay Real Estate Thoughts

Besides our primary residence, we still own our old house in Pleasant Hill’s “Poet’s Corner” whose streets are named after poets like Byron and Shelley and other names most people who live there will vaguely remember from tenth grade English.  This is presumably more respectable or better marketing than the names of the daughters of the real estate developers or some trees and flowers and other conventions, and is among the better neighborhoods of this suburban community.  Most of Pleasant Hill was like the rest of the East Bay, developed after World War 2.  Our neighborhood was built in 1947 on what appears to have been a former Mushroom farm, whose spores still disproportionately take hold in the spring.  There are touches of character such as Molino’s Ravioli but dining like “Nibblers” Catalan menu sadly failed in competition with Roundtable Pizza or BBQ.   This is family-raising territory, good California living subject to all the pros and cons that means.

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