Contrarian Strategy on WSJ The Score, December 22 2018

Another week of excellent performance for the Contrarian strategy, as each pick would have outperformed being long the S&P 500. This week is an outlier after a massive down week for the S&P but when a strategy still consistently works at the extremes you can have greater confidence in it.

Dec 15open Mondayclose Friday% changereversal?Contrary trade Outper. long S&P?
GM +0.834.9432.98-5.6yy
GOOGL, +0.71047.01991.25-5.3yy
VZ, +157.0654.92-3.8yy
TME, +7.7 (IPO)12.712.19-4.0yy
AAPL, +1.1165.45150.73-8.9yy
SBUX -2.46561.39-5.6ny
JNJ -10128.32128.09-0.2ny

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