Positions August 26 Sunday Evening

Short Dec ZW at 896

Long Dec GC at 1678

Long Sep ZN at 133 ‘180

The ZN position I will not be keeping for long; I believe the trade is asymmetric with any bad news from Europe driving it higher; stop at ‘140 which is just below lows earlier in evening.  Long term I want to be short ZN and may flip this position in short order.  ZW traded up, then flat, then up when trading opened at 6 pm eastern, pretty much following Soybeans which are breaking out but Wheat looks like it wants to go down.  Gold is a long and short term disposition that is a position right now.  Short wheat into a purportedly bullish ProFarmer report wasn’t too comfortable this weekend but news had been issued throughout the week.  Rains in the southern united states should bode well for a short Wheat position.  If Corn, Wheat and Soybeans all were breaking out definitely would go long.

Looking possibly to play Apple long and Las Vegas Sands short tomorrow.

UPDATE 1:15 am – indeed traded out of ZN at 133 ‘215 after it started drifting down from ‘240, a nice small gain and driven by Apple opening at 677- just at highs but only 7,000 shares traded.  More on Apple another time.  Not sure where to set a stop loss but not too worried about it.

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