Contrarian Strategy on WSJ The Score, December 22 2018

Another week of excellent performance for the Contrarian strategy, as each pick would have outperformed being long the S&P 500. This week is an outlier after a massive down week for the S&P but when a strategy still consistently works at the extremes you can have greater confidence in it.

Dec 15open Mondayclose Friday% changereversal?Contrary trade Outper. long S&P?
GM +0.834.9432.98-5.6yy
GOOGL, +0.71047.01991.25-5.3yy
VZ, +157.0654.92-3.8yy
TME, +7.7 (IPO)12.712.19-4.0yy
AAPL, +1.1165.45150.73-8.9yy
SBUX -2.46561.39-5.6ny
JNJ -10128.32128.09-0.2ny

Contrarian Strategy on WSJ The Score, December 15 2018

It was an only mildly outperforming week for the strategy, but still the third straight since starting to track. (ticker from last week’s column, monday open, friday close, % change, did it reverse direction, and would going contrary to posted number have beaten S&P).

See the full spreadsheet here.

Dec 8
NXST, +6.9%86.4485-1.7yn
UPS, -7.4%104.6698.66-5.7nn
BA, -4.7%321.27318.75-0.8ny
AZO, +6.8%874.07871.24-0.3yy
MDXG, -60%1.171.5532.5yy
FCAU, -4.1%15.2915.471.2yy
CVX, -0.4%115.3113.83-1.3nn

Contrarian trades on the WSJ’s The Score: Weekly Review for Dec 8-9, 2018

Weekly post from this sheet, tracking all WSJ The Score weekly roundups – how does a contrarian strategy against the 7 stocks reported weekly by The Score work the next week?

With the big market tumble this week, all stocks reported the previous week were down, so straight up the strategy only worked 3 of 7 cases…but in 6 of 7 cases it outperformed the S&P.

Looking closely these reports (listing stock & the percentage move) are one day changes in a given day of the week, not the overall week result, which is interesting, as a delayed contrarian strategy.

Dec 1
GM, +4.8 39 34.69 -11.1 y y
CPB, -3.7 39.19 37.77 -3.6 n y
TGT, +2.8 72.43 67.81 -6.4 y y
PZZA, -10% 48.35 45.08 -6.8 n n
BAYRY, -1.3% 18.875 18.095 -4.1 n y
MO, +1.8% 54.7 54.18 -1.0 y y
MAR, -5.6% 116 111.25 -4.1 n y
SPY 280.28 263.57 -6.0
Dec 8
NXST, +6.9%
UPS, -7.4%
BA, -4.7%
AZO, +6.8%
MDXG, -60%
FCAU, -4.1%
CVX, -0.4%

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